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01 — 31 July 2016

5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 

Parallel program

Fabrica Project

Curated by: Maria Zaikina, Elena Konyushikhina, Galiya Sadarova 

Artists: Maria Zaikina, Ekaterina Isaeva, Pavel Otdelnov, Masha Poluektova, Galiya Sadarova, Ekaterina Trubina, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov

Starting Point is an imaginative artistic experiment where participants create a new reality in the abandoned Fabrica office space. The question What happened? is central to different equations with one unknown: seven artists were asked to make up their own stories about an event which had happened in the office. Like detectives, the artists tried to reveal the mystery of the place, with the six rooms and the hall all showing different approaches. The event reveals itself only by indirect evidence remaining in each room.

Questioning the essence and interpretation of phenomena allows us to talk about what we do not know. Focusing on how to get new knowledge by creating various interpretations of an unknown event, the curators investigate what we consider a phenomenon and what determines the choice of our knowledge object . Can we indeed know something or all our attempts appear fictitious? 

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