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Заикина Исландский алфавит.jpg


paper acrylic 26/26 cm



A foreigner in a foreign country feels somewhat like child discovering the world. Every language bears the code of the country it belongs to. For example, the Icelandic language has three words denoting ‘sea’ and forty ways to say ‘wind’. Therefore, the language itself expressesthe things that underpin the national character of people that live there. These are the elements that shape the perception of a country. This is a country’s Alphabet. The Alphabet Book is typically the first book a child can try and read independently. The Alphabet Book lays the foundations of the child’s future mentality and taste. Thus, the Alphabet of Iceland offers a pass and an introduction to the world of Iceland’s culture. All the pictures are just what was in the town Skagastrond, the town of NES residency.

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