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sound installation 



Blondous, Iceland

This is a video documentation of the sound installation which was created in the winter of 2018 in Blondous, Iceland. It is quite a calm town with a population of about 500 people, and you cannot even hear the cars honking. There was no railway in Iceland and there probably never will be. The train is a symbol of progress and revolution. With the advent of the train, humanity entered a new era. Also, I did not accidentally take the sound of the first electric locomotive, the "Lumiere" train which began the era of new art-cinema. I made the train sound from two large speakers. The "station"; where the speakers stood was the art residence in which we lived, and it was the oldest building in the city--the former Church. I invited the people in Blondous to dream and think about a train in Iceland, about the role of the train in history, the role of progress, about revolution, and about their history. The sound installation stirred up the local community; people could not understand what kind of sound and called the police to ask them what happened. We were dying of boredom this month in Blondous, but that evening our town was called on Facebook "the most cheerful city in Iceland."

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